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Zero Society Kills Nefarian

2005 Nian 10 Yue 15 Ri 22: 45 minutes, let history remember this moment forever, the black wing of the nest owner, the death of the wing's eldest son, Black Dragon Princess Blackwing Lair brother & mdash ; - Nefarian finally fell on a zero-industry Association, 40 brave front, the entire Guild suddenly boiling over, everyone silently in their hearts to remember this moment. Current Azeroth continent strongest boss, was finally conquered.through the Blizzard of staff announced the entire due diligence Zero server, the first one for the Chinese Society of Black Wing Lair kill ultimate BOSS Nefarian's Association!The following is provided by the Society from zero sector Nefarian fight description:Nefarian, the son of the death of the wing, the black wing of the ultimate leader of the nest. Similar to the Blackwing Lair, and the fighting Nefarian total is divided into three stagesthe first phase: from resistance to France Rios (Nefarian human form) announced the start of the race when the activation , at this stage, fighting the northwestern side of the room began to refresh the two-hole "dragon beast." Here to do a little note: Dragon animal a total of 6 species of animals were red dragon, green dragon beast, black dragon beast, blue dragon animal, animals, and colorful dragon bronze dragon beast. Colorful dragon beast which must refresh, refresh in the first phase of a total of about 6. The other five kinds of dragon beasts, can only be refreshed every two of them, that is, at this stage a total of 10 different combinations, each combination of different difficulty, in general, is currently recognized as the most difficult is the red and blue combination, we are the first formal challenge to Nefarian encounter is the time when this combination. Will be refreshed on each side 25-30 Long beast.Here are six kinds of dragon beast features:Red Dragon Beast: melee only 200-600, is not strong. Fire Magic will be a "child Dragon words: red\ Green Dragon Beast: Sorry, have never encounteredBlack Dragon Beast: melee only 200-600, is not strong. Fire Magic will be a "child Dragon words: black\1 Ice Magic 1k or so damage, the additional benefit of a less magical "child Dragon words: blue" and reduce the attack rate of 30%, the basic immune system and arcane attacks on the icebronze dragon beast : Melee the data is unknown, very weak. Will be an arcane magic, more than 900 injuries, additional benefits by a magical "child Dragon Words: bronze," and reduce attack speed 25% increase in cast time, 50%, the basic immunization Arcane attackps Shaman: Totem of Fallen call a variety of Nefarian fight, sustained 25 secondsaddition Nefarian will shock and Shadow mist, fog shadow effect is to reduce the treatment effect of 75%Basically, one able to smoothly enter the second phase of the Society can be very easy to spend the time, this time of Nefarian is not than the first a much worse phase of the Blackwing Lair. And so on Nefarian's blood to 20% of the time, entered its third phase.the third stage: Nefarian 20% of blood volume, when all of dragon animal skeletons resurrected a large section of more than 50 trains, but HP is very small, thus 10k or so, full AoE off, you can use the project bombs and Stratholme holy water attack them. The remaining thing is to keep the main tank alive, and then looked at Nefarian fall.hope this article Nefarian who wish to challenge the Association help.Congratulations to zero sector warriors, I believe there will be more of the Society, will have to Nefarian the "World of Warcraft," 1.9, there will be more powerful BOSS waiting for you.glory, victory belongs to the brave! Key Words : wow gold, world of warcraft gold, wow gold, wow power leveling, wow gold, buy cheap wow gold.More world of warcraft news here:
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kills, nefarian, society

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